Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It has been a year and a half and not a day passed by without my mind thinking and my heart missing Nottingham, KL and Ipoh.
I don't feel belong in here. I am an alien.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dejavu maybe?

Funny that every time I am typing on my keyboard to correspondence, I still see Broga hills throughout my windows in Reading. In my subconscious mind, my body and mind is still sitting at my old workplace.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

To start off this entry, I hope that this entry will be beneficial to all wifey in the effort of TTC.

What is TTC, it is abbreviation of Trying to Conceive. Memang normally woman yang in the effort to conceive akan tahu term ni.

Honestly, aku baru terbuka hati untuk get help since pindah ke JB ni. While I was still in KL, it didnt occur in my mind at all. In fact, serious aku tak ingat on how I managed to find out about LPPKN ni. Rasanya sebab aku google kut.

Okay straight to the fact. How do you get treatment and consultation in LPPKN?

1) Find out where is the nearest Nur Klinik Sejahtera, LPPKN

The nearest klinik Nur Sejahtera dengan area rumah aku ialah kat Nusa Bestari.
Nah, klik link Senarai Klinik Nur Sejahtera ni kalau nak tahu lokasi lain untuk Klinik Nur Sejahtera ni.

2) Call nombor telefon cawangan terdekat.

Call untuk klinik pada hari pertama period, untuk buat appointment. Appointment normally akan di buat dari hari period ke 2 hingga ke 5. However, this is depend on schedule klinik tu jugak. Kalau full, maybe nurse kat klinik tu akan advise for next period of cycle.

While myself, cerita dia lain sikit. Al maklumlah period sejuta tahun sekali, masa first time aku call LPPKN, nurse tu advise suruh ambil ubat turun darah. Dengar nama pun ngeri, so what I did was, I requested for that medication kt Klinik Panel aku. Aku siap salah paham lagi, ingat dia bagi clomid. Tapi sebenarnya bukan. Dah la tunggu lama sebab doctor yang prescribe ubat tu (owner clinic) tak ada masa aku nak collect ubat tu. Lapa dah tunggu.

So, aku makan ubat tu start 5 April dan period on 30 April. Since 30 April ni ialah hari Sabtu, so tak boleh la aku nak call LPPKN. Lagi best, 1 May tu Labour Day, cuti lagi. So aku try to call hari Isnin, Nurse tu cuti pulak dah. Ended up, I only able to speak to staff nurse to on my 4th day of period.

Memula dia cakap penuh and tak ada slot, tapi aku merayu la jugak, inform dia period aku sejuta tahun sekali je datang. Aku explain juga yang first time aku call dah ada nurse advise untuk call cepat-cepat once dah period. Finally, nurse tu slot kan jugak appointment esoknya. So appointment aku ialah pada hari ke 5 period.

Nurse tu inform yang masa appointment, bawa IC suami & isteri, salinan sijil nikah dan duit RM 145.30 (blood test) + RM 50 (registration). 

Maybe in the future amount ni berubah juga kot. Sebab aku try google jugak blog orang lain, dulu slightly murah harganya. Zaman GST kan, so redha jela harga naik.

So that was the first move that I made in order for both me and husband to get advice from doctor kat LPPKN.

Next entry, we talk about what we did on the first appointment.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This is one happy weekend in my life. Why i said so?  Because its a combo of everything, mak abah, family, islah, my best friend mira, my office best friend.. Farah.. Ira etc.. Kak liz.. And KL.. And nottingham. Where else could i find such happiness in my life other than here. They are here.. And They are in my heart. Forever. I love Them. Allah, thank you for this. This is more thank enough that I could ask for in my life. I couldnt ask for more. This is my happiness. They are my happiness. Bless Them Dear Allah,  Bless Them with happiness Because They give happiness. *Tears* I love you so much

17.16 Monday 22 Feb 16
Im on the bus on my Way back to JB. Bus KKKL ni baru kt exit kajang rupenye

Monday, February 8, 2016

As usual, the normal feeling I have every single time I travel back from Ipoh. Either to KL or JB - I refuse to sleep. I just love looking out of window and let my thought and mind fly to nowhere. Thinkin, remembering memories and most of the time Thinking what could actually happening to me now if I do this and not do that.. What possibly happen if I make a different decision.. Yes.. This kind of thing.. Thinking.. Thinking and keep Thinking. Until I know that my train has already cross Selangor boundries.. Then i am able to close my eyes.